A Brief Bio

Barron Steffen, a classically trained singer, grew up in Santa Monica, California, amidst the influences of his opera-singing mother and family friends such as Sammy Davis Jr. and Frank Sinatra.


His family was intimately connected to the heavyweights of the era. Barron’s godfather, Barron Hilton, got Sinatra to perform at JFK’s Democratic Convention in Beverly Hills. Barron’s father, Geary Steffen, was married to Jane Powell who danced and sang in some of MGM’s top musicals such as Royal Wedding with Fred Astaire.

Barron’s own music career began in Italy, where his hit single “It’s Not Really Over” reached number 17 on the billboard charts. Back in the U.S., Barron’s band was recognized as one of L.A.’s top 10 unsigned.


Barron’s Big Band returned him to his roots in the Great American Songbook, quickly establishing him as a top tier player.