Barron’s BIG Band (10-Piece):

  • Two Saxophones, Two Trumpets, Trombone, Electric Guitar, Piano, Upright Bass, Drums, and Barron’s Vocal

  • Explosive sound that is truly an unforgettable experience of the music. Definitively takes it to a different level

  • Everyone up dancing


Barron’s Little BIG Band (7-Piece):

  • Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Piano, Upright Bass, Drums, and Barron’s Vocals

  • Just like with Barron’s BIG Band, you’ll hear the character of the songs as originally composed and recognize signature phrases from the original recordings

  • Vintage, nightclub atmosphere


Barron's Quartet & Quintet:

  • Piano, Upright Bass, Drums, Barron’s Vocals and ukulele, add Horn/quintet

  • Elegance and groove similar to Tony Bennett’s touring band, or add the unique sound only a horn brings to swing and standards music


Acoustic Jazz Trio (3-piece):

  • Piano, Upright Bass, Horn

  • Perfect for cocktail hour





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√   We help you plan the music for your event each step of the way.

√   We offer customized playlists based on your preferences from our song list.


√   We provide professional sound equipment and instruments at the level you need.


√   We work with your venue to optimize setup details.


√   We’ll MC as much or as little as you like.


√   We are fully insured for each and every event we book.


√   We offer a free consultation.



  • Sound equipment and having a separate, dedicated sound technician are pivotal. We strongly suggest you never hire any band that does their own sound without a sound tech. 

  • For audiences less than 300 people, sound equipment and sound technician are included.

  • For audiences over 300 people, get our pro sound team.

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